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This is a wiki for ESOL/Interpreting & Translating students at St George/Petersham Colleges of TAFE, Sydney.

You can double click on any word to get its meaning.

A wiki is a website that can be made by a group of people. This one is going to be where ESOL students from different classes can meet and exchange ideas, write things together. etc.
Can you understand the name of our wiki? Try and guess what esolf2f[1] means. Talk to your classmates and check with your teacher.
Check Bridging the Gap, Our Class 2009, Our Class 2008 for more online activities and links to other St George College class blogs.

Step 1: Say Hello

First, go to this page, World Map, and add a comment to the voicethread World Map. You can write, record your voice and draw on the map.

Step 2: Add your name to the Student Pages

Click on the Student pages in the Side Bar (box on the right).
Log in to edit. Your teacher will give you the password.
Now you can click on the edit button.
Add your name to the list of students.
Save it!
Be careful not to edit the side bar, only the Student Page.

Step 3: Brainstorm for ideas

Go to the side bar and click on Ideas for this wiki. Think of ways in wihich we can practise our English while working together with other classes. There are some examples already in the list. Just add to them! Later on we may vote to decide which of the ideas we like better.

How to Use our wiki to collaborate

  • Click "New Page" to create a universe of pages using pre-made templates
  • wikispaces FAQ

  1. esolf2f means ESOL students working together: ESOL is English for Students of Other languages; f2f is face to face